Sunday, 1 January 2012

Natural Hangover Cures

Well its officially 2012 and I know that many of you celebrated last night by getting skunk drunk (no judgment, I did the same). Unfortunately, it also means that many of you are suffering the after effects. Don't worry I aim to help.
Now the only thing that will CURE a hangover is time but there are natural ways of alleviating some of the symptoms.
The 1st thing is liquids. Alcohol dehydrates you and that is the main culprit. So drink lots of fluids and fluids with electrolytes is best.
Then there are some herbs that will help such as:

-Chinese Skullcap- Great for treating headaches
-Ginseng - Aids fatigue
-Chamomile - gently treats nausea and indigestion
-Green Tea - aids with vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and headaches
-Nux Vomica - aids in hangover headaches specifically, irritability, nausea, indigestion, constipation AND diarrhea.

There are two "potions" that I have found works, one hot and one cold.

Cold Hangover Potion

You will need:
-your favourite V-8 Juice
-As many of the above mentioned herbs that you have or can get in either herb form or tincture form.
-A mortar and pestle or grinder
-Optional: a cucumber

Its really easy. Grind half a teaspoon of each herb and mix it in with the cold or room temp V-8 Juice, or add two to three drops of the tincture (if store bought tincture follow  the dosage recomendations).
Mix it well and drink it.
Follow with eating a  few slices of cool cucumber. it not only helps to clean the palate of the taste of the potion, it is also full of water and electrolytes.

Hot Hangover Potion

You will need:
-Green Tea (either a tea bag or loose leaf is fine)
-As much of the rest of the herbs that you can get in herb or tincture form
-A infuser or empty tea bag

Simply put a teaspoon of each herb into the infuser or empty tea bag and brew it with the green tea. Alternately add 2-3 drops (or recommended dosage) of the herb tinctures into your green tea.
Drink it!

Now to PREVENT a hangover here are some tips:
-Drink lots of water before you go out drinking, drink a few glasses of water in between alcoholic drink, Dink a glass of water or  two before going to bed.
-Take Milk Thistle (capsule form is prob easiest) before going out drinking
-Dont drink on an empty tummy.

You may also try a few prayers to some gods of fermentation before going out to ask to keep you safe and for mercy from hangovers :)
Some Gods of fermentation are: Silenus (Greek) , Dionysus (Greek), Baccus (Roman), Ninkasi (Sumerian), Osiris (Egyptian), Aegir (Norse), Tezcatzontecatl (Aztec), Yasigi (African), Radegast (Czech), Raugupatis and Ragutiene (Baltic/Slavic)

Happy partying!

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