Sunday, 13 May 2012

Catch Up

Hi all,
I know, I haven't been around and missed a few big things like the May Supermoon, Beltane and Bast`s holy day but in my defense I was hand fasted on the May Supermoon and I`ve been busy with that. :)

So the May Full Moon (moon in Scorpio) was a supermoon meaning it looked much larger and closer than usual. Magically it means it was a more potent moon and it had a stronger effect on people, and magic done on this full moon was especially potent. Now add to that the moon was in Scorpio and you have a recipe for much emotional turmoil and drama. You were not alone if you found that you and your significant other fought a lot in the days approaching the full moon. The Scorpio full moon is an intense moon on it`s own (like us Scorpios lol). It acts almost like a dark moon by creating deep healing by bringing your shadows to light. Truths were forced up to the surface, we were forced to face our shadows, and things that we were suppressing came bubbling up.    I was effected as well. But after the emotional roller coaster I found that I felt free and strong and more at peace with myself than I have in years and my relationship was so much stronger than it had ever been. My spouse and I cumilated this growth and deeper connection by handfasting after our full moon ritual.

The ritual (which can be done at another time) was to build a small Bel fire in our front yard (as it was also Beltane) and after drawing down the goddess, writing down all our negative, confusing emotions that we wanted to be rid of and burning it in the Bel fire. Then we acknowledged something positive in our lives that symbolized the union of the Goddess and God, then jumped the fire. My spouse and I acknowledged each other and jumped the fire together signifying a new stage of our relationship. Later in front of our Household Goddess` shrine we committed to each other.

For Beltane we camped out in the woods and held a Beltane festival for three days. We did ritual, Women`s and Men`s Mysteries, Chose our May King and Queen that presides for a year, and danced and drummed around the fire into the wee hours of the morning.
I was quite happy that my spouse really took part this year, battling the king and even running naked through the forest, into the women`s camp and back to the men`s camp as a show of manly bravery. The look on my face was probably priceless.
As it was Beltane and a lot of mead was involved some of it is a bit fuzzy as the night wore on  but we had a great time connecting with the primal, tribal forces associated with the holiday.

Now that I am back home the next order of business is a Bast ritual before the week is out as she is our household goddess. Her holy day is on the 11th and it is a week long celebration. We celebrated Bast at my handfasting but I want to do a ritual solely for Her. Once I do I will post the ritual.

So happy belated Beltane and Full Moon. I will have more time to commit to keeping up the blog and I have lots of great things in store.

Hail Bast and Blessed Be!

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