Saturday, 11 February 2012

Givaway! - Rune Set

Hello my pretties! In honour of the blog reaching over 1000 page views NOT including my own, I am having a giveaway!
I wanted to show my appreciation to all the visitors and followers that support the blog. It's only been up for about two months and at the time of this writing I have over 1100 page views and 27 followers. I don't know about other bloggers but to me this is awesome and I'm so happy that people are finding the blog interesting and useful. The feedback has been great and I do want to continue getting them, good or bad.

So, on to the giveaway! I do some crafts such as herb crafts, stone work, glass work and wood work and I have just made my 1st rune set and I am giving it away to one lucky blog reader :).
The rune set was cut from recycled hardwood,  shaped, sanded, carved, painted and varnished by hand. It does include the blank piece (I know some rune casters don't like using it, but I wanted to put it in there in case the winner does).

To be entered to win you have to follow the blog (you can do that by  clicking the follow button on the right hand side bar) and by commenting on this post. Then I will randomly select a name by pulling the names out of a box. The draw will happen on February 17, 2012 in honour of the ancient Greek festival of Aphrodite and Eros (The pagans' "Valentine's Day").

Here's a pic of the rune set. It will come with a pouch.

Bonne Chance!


  1. What a beautiful set! And this happens to be a great blog :)

  2. I just found your blog, and I really like it!! I am a new follower definitely!

  3. Yes...the runes are lovely and Your blog is interesting :-)

  4. Beautiful Rune set! This is awesome that you do it. Good way to connect us Pagans! :)

  5. Very cool set. Can I enter being from Brazil?

  6. Yes you can Blodeuwedd! You can enter from anywhere!

  7. The runes look beautiful, and I like the scene you set up for the photo. I have already set the goal for myself to learn to read the runes this year, so crossing my fingers!